Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What School Children Think of Me

Today I was wearing a narrow brown belt to accessorize my outfit, and I removed it after lunch.  I hadn't given up on it yet though, so I was taking it to recess.  Well, whenever I'm carrying a belt like that, I always think about the alternative use of belts, and apparently my kids think the same way.

"What is the belt for, Miss Hall?  Are you going to wallup us?"
"Do you think I would?" - me
"Yes.  Are you going to?"

I had them all in a row.  If they had been a more squirrelly bunch today, I may have been tempted. :D


Once, after reprimanding a student, she piped up with, "When my mom is mad, she sounds like a teacher."  Ha, thanks.


"Miss Hall, is the other Miss Hall your sister?  I thought you were the mom."


"I think it's amazing that you know my name." - a high-school student
"I'm a teacher, I have my sneaky ways of finding out."
"Are you sure you don't just share a mind with the other Miss Hall?"

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