Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quilling: Earrings

Here are several of my earrings.  All of these pictured here are original designs that I have made over these last few years.  I'll post more designs as I get together more pictures.

Prices range from $8-$22, please contact me ( if you have any questions.

 Above: I call these my African earrings as I designed them for an African costume I had put together.  Price: $8
 Above: These Descending Triangles have a very modern look.  I can make these with just one color or with any color combination you choose.  Price: $12
 Above: I have not yet named this design (feel free to give me suggestions), so I'll call them Untitled #1.  These were inspired by some earrings I saw in a movie, though I'm fairly certain that those were plastic instead of paper.  Price: $15
 Above: Again, un-named, so Untitled #2.  These were inspired by some earrings that Shaylynn (from made, called Fireworks, I believe.  These were designed rather last minute when I discovered that a class I was going to teach that I thought was going to be 2 hours was instead going to be closer to 30 minutes.  Price: $8
 Above: Free-fall Circles are fun to wear.  Each earring is five circles of different sizes, all interlocking and falling down from each other.  Price: $18
 Above: I'm sorry for the very bad picture, I ended up selling this pair, otherwise I would post a better picture of it.  I'll call these Splash, as they are made up of about seven "droplets".  Price: $12
 Above: Untitled #3.  As possibly my "simplest" and cleanest design, these earrings match well with any outfit, being simple enough for denim, and elegant enough for dressier outfits.  I have only done these in a single color, but I would be willing to do several colors, or to attempt a gradual color change in these if desired.  Price: $15
 Above: Untitled #4.  These were my first successful earring design.  They are made from 1/16" wide paper, so are thinner and more delicate than most of my earrings.  Price: $18
Above: These Concentric Circles may well be my favorite personal design.  They dance when you move!  Price: $22
 Above: Water Drops start large and end in a small droplet at the end.  Price: $10
 Above: These Fuchsia Blossoms were inspired by another artist's quilling.  Since they are a particular type of flower, they are made with a dark red and purple.  Price: $15
 Above:  I designed these around the time that some friends and I were getting together a writing group, so I named them Inkblot.  You may not be able to see clearly in this picture, they are made with both blue and black paper.  Price: $20

Quilling: How I got started

When I was 14 my parents sent me to a craft weekend as my birthday gift.  When signing up, Mom helped me pick out things because I wasn't quite sure what all of the crafts were.  We came across quilling and Mom told me that I would enjoy it, though from the description I was a little doubtful.  Twirling bits of paper?  It just didn't sound appealing.  Little did I know how amazing quilling can be.

Over the last 7 years I have developed quite a bit in my quilling.  I started designing earrings a few years back and I have loved the ability to picture something and then create it.  I have also played about a bit with 3d quilling, creating a living-room scene, a sewing machine, and a few other freestanding items.

On this blog I will post several entries with pictures, descriptions and prices attached.  Contact me if you would like to make an order or if you have any questions.  My email address is, though I'll make sure that information is somewhere handy on the blog as well.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's try this again....

This time I mean it, I will be bringing this blog back to life. 

I've decided to use this primarily for posting some of my poetry, but I'm also going to include quilling information about what I make, what I sell, and what kinds of prices my things have. 

For any new reader, no reason to read any posts older than this (except the very previous post, as it's about a really cool blog), since they are all about school.