Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Long, long day

Today has been an extremely long and tiring day.  It started at the normal time (6:00 a.m.) but it has been so hard to drag myself out of bed these last two days.  Yesterday my chiropractor told me that I should cut down on the fruits I put in my daily smoothie, so my breakfast wasn't as wonderful as usual.  In fact, is was almost bitter.  I don't think he needed me to cut it down quite as much as I did.

The school day started well enough.  Through Bible time I had their attention fairly well, but made the mistake of doing a short review instead of telling a story.  They behave best at this time of day, and I really didn't need to abridge their good behavior.  The rest of the day I was fighting an uphill battle of talkative children.  They wouldn't sit still, they wouldn't stop talking, and the whole time they smiled as sweetly as can be... unless they were crying on their desks because I took away some recess.

The friend I've been exercising with for the last two weeks sent me a text that she was too exhausted to exercise today, and I was grateful, cause I had been thinking of cancelling as well so I could take a nap.  Sadly, that was not in my near future. I was planning on making a cake for Ellie, so I had to go shopping for the ingredients.

After spending over a half-hour at Walmart (might as well get both Ellie's and my list done while there), I got home to Ellie and her exercise buddy doing painful torture in the living room. No problem, I just took care of the groceries, then started thinking about a shower and a nap.  Checked my phone really quickly and....

Read a text from a friend that I have been wanting to find time to hang out with for a while.  She was bored, hasn't been feeling well, and wanted to know if I was busy.  I was glad that she had contacted me, cause we've been dancing around actually getting together for about two weeks, so I forwent the nap, and drove to pick her up.  We hung out for a while, I took her back home, and  then got back to our house for dinner.

Well, the cake still had to be made.  I've never made a cake before. Interesting experience, not too fun with a hand mixer. I hope that it turned out okay, because pound cake ingredients are rather expensive.

And now, I really, really need to take that shower and a "long nap".  Goodnight.

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