Friday, November 21, 2014

Good songs. Trust me.

Ellie and I came home this weekend. It was so nice driving up and seeing the Christmas lights up.  Some of you might be judging us for having Christmas lights up, but it's so homey and relaxed.  We keep them up for a long time too.  I'm always disappointed if they are taken down before March.

Oh!  This post wasn't going to be about Christmas, but why not? Christmas music.  Goodness.  People ask me if I like Christmas music and I always quickly respond "yes".  Then, I hear "Christmas music", and I think "ick".  "Baby It's Cold Outside"?  Kill it with fire.

However, "Mary Did You Know"?  Handel's Messiah? "One Small Child"?  Why confine this wonderful music to less than two months in a year?

Here are some good listens for you.  Enjoy. Even if it is before Thanksgiving.

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