Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Days Off

A lovely thing about the school Ellie and I work at, is that we get off all the official holidays. Today, therefore, was a day off, and it has been wonderful.

I've found that Ellie has a very different idea of days off from me ("Why doesn't that surprise me?"). Sunday she started looking for someone to make plans with.  I was able to hold her off for the morning, but she had someone over to sew and go running in the afternoon.  I however did my best to relax.

Which meant that I did quilling to fill an order for a friend, worked on a Christmas present, helped make lunch and dinner, helped clean the house, graded lots of papers for my kids, and decorated name tag things for my kids as well.  It was a good day.

Despite the fact that I was sedentary all day, I find myself exceedingly tired. Hence the short post.  Good night!

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