Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snowy Sunday

Ellie informed me it was snowing this morning about five times.  Each announcement was preceded by an "ugh", "augh" or tone of  voice implying one of those two emotions.

Despite Ellie's attitude on the subject, it continued to snow, and looked absolutely lovely.  Second service at church was cancelled, so we had most of the afternoon and all of the evening to relax at home, which we did.

We spent this time very productively of course.  And I'm only half-way being facetious. She sewed, I knit, while watching things or listening to music.  We also played Lord of the Rings the board-game (and lost) after dinner.

It was a good, snowy day.  It could only have been better if I was at my parents house where I could have done some of my sitting in front of the wood stove, and taken a walk through the snowy woods.  Here, I chose to not take a walk down the slushy road.  Mildly regretting that choice.

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