Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Feasting

Thanksgiving day is very interesting around here.  It is a mixture of relaxing and crazy.  Our main plan is to sit around, play games, and eat lots of wonderful food. However, in order to have wonderful food to consume, the food must be made.

So the day goes in more short bursts.  We play 20 minutes of Nertz, and then break so I can work on the rolls.  More Nertz, then Justice goes out to check the cows, Pop goes over to our other property to take a walk, we do more dinner prep, then go downstairs to play Dominion.  Every 30 minutes or so we take a break from the game to make more food.

Finally, dinner time arrives. Which means, actually, concerted effort from the whole group to get everything finally on the table.  Since the turkey can't be carved till it's done, and the gravy waits for this point as well, that takes up some time.  It took 15 or more minutes from "food's ready!" to actually being able to eat.

Of course it is all worth it.  We had a roast turkey with stuffing (made by Kimberly), coleslaw (a new recipe, made by Mom), mashed potatoes (work of Ellie and Justice), gravy (Pop's creation), jello with cranberries, celery and nuts (Kimberly and Ellie's handiwork), and rolls (my contribution to the feast).  It is disturbingly easy to overeat at such times.  We always aim to eat early on Thanksgiving so that we have plenty of time between dinner and dessert.

After dinner we did more games, talking, cleaning, and finally the dessert.  We had a pumpkin cheesecake (a surprise that Tracy brought), pumpkin and pecan pies (Mom and I made them yesterday), an apple pie (Ellie was shocked that we hadn't made this yesterday, so she made it after dinner today), and cranberry crunch.  Again, way to easy to over eat.  I think I managed fairly nicely however.

The whole day was very fun.

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