Saturday, November 15, 2014

Half-way Point and Word Invention

Half-way through, folks. HALFWAY!  Why did you let me do this?  Why didn't someone stop me?  Oh, right, I just said I was going to, didn't give anyone a chance to talk some sense into me.  Oh well, self-torment is good for a person, right?

I find I don't have the inspiration to write much.  My blog-posts are either recountings of my children's amusingness, or a poem.  Or a rant on misuse of the English language, but that was just one.

Oh, and I was going to write another post about the English language.  I guess I could do that now.

Back in high-school, Ellie and I did a course on "English from the Roots Up."  Little did Mom know that she was equipping me to play with the English language.

If you have spent much time talking to me, or have read many of my blog-posts, you may notice that I make up new words on a regular basis (case in point "recountings" and "amusingness" from above). Almost every word that I make up is constructed from roots, prefixes and suffixes, and though some of them sound odd, they are still easy to understand if you have a good understanding of the English language.  Considering the fact that Shakespeare invented over 1700 words, I feel that I fall in good company and I manage to never  feel guilty for my "butchering" of the English language.

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