Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Hate Diets

I've always had a strong dislike for diets.  My first medical memory was of me in the doctor's office, and Doctor Dorman telling Mom that I should go off dairy to deal with my sinus issues.  Since that time, the only doctors that haven't taken me off of dairy, as well as many other wonderful foods, have been three chiropractors, that I only went to for skeletal adjustments.  As long as I didn't tell them about my other problems (chronic fatigue and hypoglycemia), they didn't mess with my food.

Last year my new chiropractor put me on a new diet.  Mainly no dairy, no sugar, and no gluten, though I was also supposed to avoid corn and the really sweet fruits (pineapple, mangoes, and others).  It was fairly awful.  I lost some weight though, that was nice.

After about a month and a half of doing really, really well, I started cheating a little bit.  Just on the weekends, maybe one special thing.  Then I did it more and more, and by Thanksgiving I pretty much wasn't on the diet any more.  After Christmas I managed to get back on it for the weekdays.  Kind of.  Eventually I gave up all together.

But then, a while after school started and I was feeling tired, headachy, and had gained weight, I decided to put myself back on it.  I managed fairly well for two weeks, then Ellie's birthday came around.  I had to eat the cake I made her, of course.  Then we went over to a friend's house to celebrate her birthday, and dinner had wheat in it, and I ate cookies with milk.  Then we went home and had pie and whipped cream.  Today I didn't even try.  I'll be good tomorrow though....

I do think I notice some difference in how I feel when I eat along the diet I've been prescribed.  Maybe that will help keep me straight.

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