Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I want to keep up this blog, but I haven't a clue what I should write about.  Okay, yes, I do have "a" clue, since I stated in one of my first blogposts of the year that I planned on talking about quilling and poetry.  But there is only so much you can say about quilling and poetry.

I'll probably keep posting poems occasionally, but that seems kind of boring.  Is it boring?  What do you think I should write about?  More poems, less poems, more random pictures (please don't say that one, I dislike working with cameras, either end), more randomness in general?  Should I switch over to the more journal type of blog?  Should I just stop? 

Held Inside, 2.15.13

A silent sigh of sadness
To punctuate the pain
A single tear of loneliness
To start a gentle rain

The heart that breaks so quietly
Has healing that is slow
The depth of feeling never shown
Permits that none should know

The Sun, 2.11.13

Radiant light of morning
Sweet blushes of the sky
Hail in the dawning
The sun, it draweth nigh

Glorious rays of sunshine
Across the blue expanse
Keep it as a treasure thine,
The heavens' mighty dance

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dreams, 1.2.13

I fall asleep
Into a brighter existence.
Thoughts and fancies
Freely take flight.

The mind's dreams,
Alight, alive and true.
But Awake! and find them
Just shadows of the night.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Last year I decided that I wanted a goal for the year.  Perhaps a little foolishly, I thought that I should write two friendly letters a week for the entire year, or 104 letters total.  For the first half of the year everything went fine, I had plenty of time, and even got a little ahead.  But then I graduated and got a job and I slowed down a bit.  November and December came and found me writing a bit more than two letters a week.  On December 31st, I posted my 104th letter, so I reached my goal, though a little scrambling was involved.

This year I decided to be a little more realistic in my goal.  And by that, I mean I set the goal of writing 365 poems in the year 2013.

It all started when I bought a journal in November, 2012.  I already own around six journals, but this one was so pretty, and I was on a strict diet, so I wanted to console myself by buying something (I know, really bad of me, but at least I wasn't cheating on that awful fast/cleanse thing I was on).  Since I have writing in four of the journals that I own, and have never yet completed one, I set it aside for a brilliant idea for what to use it for.

This last year I hadn't written much poetry, but I found that if I sat down to it, I could jot off several tolerable ones pretty easily, and it was really... I guess fulfilling might be the best word for it.  So in the last weeks of December, while finishing up 2012's goal, I started mulling over 2013's goal, thinking along the lines of journals, and tossing in the poetry idea every now and then.   I ended up "committing" to filling the lovely new journal with at least one poem per page, so it would come to at least 148.

You may notice that 148 does not come to an average of one poem a day for the entire year.  I changed the goal to that after writing eight the first day and eight more the second.  I've missed a couple days so far, but my total poem count for the year is 77, so I think I'm well on my way for my goal.

I'll admit, many of the poems I'm writing this year are rubbish.  Some are silly, some have no rhyme nor meter.  But every once in a while I write one that says exactly what I mean, and says it well, and even if I only get one of those per hundred, I think it's worth it.