Friday, November 7, 2014

And a Preacher is Born

When I said I would use things from my job for several blog posts, I wasn't joking.  My kids are adorably hilarious.

Today, one of my kids took a Bible to recess.  He put it down on the chair next to me though, and went to play legos with another child.  Then, one of the other boys came over, and asked me to read him some.  He had turned to Psalms, so I started reading one.  He lost focus, things got loud, I put the Bible down, and he took off with it.  A few minutes later I saw him pacing back and forth through the gym, the Bible open, giving a very rousing sermon.  I sadly only heard the first few sentences, but it continued for close to five minutes:

"Our Lord!  Savior of the Cross!  He went outside, for the glory!"

He gesticulated pointedly as he spoke. 

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