Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Post Christmas Projects

Every year after Christmas I get a sudden burst of creativity, usually spent on making myself something (I tend to call it my Christmas gift to myself).  It normally happens because I spend about four months prior to Christmas making gifts for family members, then the last few weeks before Christmas I'm usually done, but not ready to start a new project, so I sort of dilly dally, and then afterwards the time has come!  This year I planned my project (weaving myself a bed cover), but haven't started it yet.

Why?  Because I'm too busy with other projects, of course.  Since the first two things I made/am making are gifts, I can't elaborate, but they were spurred on by the quilling book that Kimberly gave me for Christmas.  Now I am working on some wool leggings for Ellie.  After than, maybe I will get around to the bed cover.

Except that I've planned another two quilling projects (also gifts, can't elaborate), and I'll be helping with costumes for Fine Linen's next play, and then after that birthday season will be upon me (oh goodness, Charlotte's birthday is a month from tomorrow. O.o).

Even if I do get around to making something for myself, I'm no longer sure about the bed cover.  It is something I want to do eventually, but I just recently designed a new knit sweater pattern that I really want to make, and with all the quilling I'm doing I want to make some quilled wall hangings for my room.  The difficulty with the bed cover is that it is so huge.  I'll spend several hundred dollars on the materials, and then hour upon hour on the making of it.  It is hard to settle down to a project like that. 

Several years ago I remember feeling a bit guilty whenever I made myself something that took a long time to make.  I think I'm over it now.

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