Friday, January 31, 2014

A Faerie Dance, 12.24.13

A Faerie Dance
A faerie fire brightly shone
Far beyond the trees
Their silver voices, laughingly
Came soft upon the breeze

I stood a while listening
And sank beneath their spell
Then found myself quite quickly
Beside their haunted dell

They looked at me in wonder
As much as I at them           
Not understanding they had called
Me to their festive glen

But soon their wonder disappeared
Melting with their laughter
They let me join their merry ring
                   Beside the woodland water                    

I stayed with them for hours
Danced into the night
Even until morning, when
Magic faded in the light

Still I find them, now and then
Dancing through the trees
I can join them, if I will
Our laughter bright and free

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