Friday, January 3, 2014


I couldn't make up my mind, so here was the final decision:  I'll do challenge #1 (write something every day), and challenge #2 (post something on my blog once a week), and challenge #3 (do an exercise challenge monthly), and try to finish a story (modified challenge #5). 

And who knows, maybe I'll write a play this year too, and get #4 as well. :)

The main difficulty with this that I see, is that there is no way to "get ahead" or to "catch up" as there has been the last two years.  The goal is to write every day, not write 365 things.  This will be hard for me.  I had some problem yesterday even, and I'm only three days in.  But, I managed to write out a quick poem at one point during the crazy day, and thus fulfilled the requirements.


  1. Wow, you go girl! I also set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for myself this year. Never have before, so I'm excited to see how I do. :^)

    Maybe you could allot a time for writing every day. Not like, "at 3:15 everyday I will write", but rather, "I will write for 25 minuets at some point everyday". Then, if you miss a day, the next day you'd need to write for 50 minuets.
    Keep posting!

  2. Years ago I read that less than 10% of the population ever write goals. That puts you in a pretty unique position. Maybe some simply do not enjoy writing things down. I can't imagine not writing out goals or aspirations. I wish you success!