Friday, January 10, 2014

New Earring Designs

Last May while in Georgia, I was trying to sleep and I had a "brilliant" idea for quilled earrings.  It used an entirely new technique that enabled me to connect rings of paper to each other.  My explaination may not be the greatest, but hopefully it makes sense.  Below are pictures of the earring designs I've made using the technique.

Each ring of paper is several layers thick.  While I wrap the layers around, on the last one, I include a metal ring.  This way, when I hook them each together, it stays exactly where I put it.  This is only really important in the first design and the last design pictured below.  If the metal rings were not stuck in one place, they would slip out and no longer retain it's shape.

These are all the same pieces, just put together in different designs.  

This last one is actually put together the same as the one before.  Then I twisted the entire earring through the biggest ring, then again through the next ring, etc., all the way up.  I was pretty pleased by the result.

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