Friday, September 6, 2013

Main Characters, 9.5.13

I really don't have an explanation for this.  I just want to make that clear before you read this and start asking.  Yes, I wrote it with a certain someone in mind, but even so, it isn't really applicable to that person.  However, I would love comments.  What do you think of this poem?  Does it make sense?  Does it tell a story, or give a feeling?  Is it cheesy/silly/interesting?

Main Characters

If this is the story of Us
Then I am lost
Can we reread the last chapter?
Did I miss something?

Because suddenly a new plot appeared
And it doesn't make sense
Aren't We the main characters?
Where did You go?

Were you merely an actor
That got tired of the part
Or found a better job and left
Leaving the script writer to write you out?

But this isn't a movie
You don't get to walk out
Just because you are bored
And you can't be written out

So where did you go?
You fell off the pages
Was it suicide?
Were you ever even there?

I'm so confused.
Let's reread that last chapter.

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