Friday, May 31, 2013


I get sunburned a lot.  And almost every time I get a sunburn it turns a very bright red.  Fortunately, I don't really mind sunburns, they tend to amuse me.  The more red, hot, and even swollen they are, the more amusing I find them (which is good, because those are the particularly painful ones).  I will often get cold in the evenings of days where I have gotten a sunburn (not sure why, feel free to speculate), but instead of getting a sweater, I'll just try to curl around, or hug, the sunburned area.  It works, kind of.

Sunburns also seem to work well for me as conversational topics.  I once went to a dance after getting a sunburn (actually, this happens about once a year.  Or more), and people would skip the hellos and just shoot straight into "Wow, you're sunburned."  I've had people interrupt me to inform me that I got quite the sunburn today (this was a family member, at dinner.  One would think they would be used to it by now).

I really want a shirt (I'm thinking bright red) that says "Yes, I'm sunburned."  But it sounds too snarky, so I doubt I'll ever make one.

I guess it isn't too much of a problem for people to tell me that I'm sunburned, cause I always forget.  Sadly, the reminders never come right when I need them, which is when something itches, so I scratch it, and then realize that my skin is terribly damaged in that area, and I just wounded it even more deeply.

I suppose I could  wear sunscreen, like a normal, intelligent person, but as noted in my hike post, sunscreen doesn't always work for me.

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