Thursday, May 2, 2013

I seem to have acquired a "life" (of the social kind)

I've been pretty busy recently.  At least on weekends.  I've had a luggage bag in my room for four weeks now, having used it for three weekends in the last four (I'm already talking about this upcoming weekend as something in the past.  You'll have to bear with me on that, cause that's how I've been thinking about it.)

The busyness started with a wedding in Texas.  Kimberly and I drove down on Wednesday the 10th, and we got home on Saturday the 13th.  The next weekend was tolerably free: only Saturday was booked with two soccer games and a dance in Rolla.

Then I did something all by my lonesome.  Doesn't happen often, folks, even though I am an adult.  I went to a craft weekend from Thursday to Sunday.  It was crazy.  And fun.  I think I'll take pictures of everything I made and make another blog post about it. I'll give you my thoughts on crafters, Hobby Lobby, and soldering.

Tomorrow, we are off to Georgia for my cousin's wedding, and we will be staying out there until sometime next week (Wednesday or Thursday).  By "we" I mean Mom, Pop, Justice, Kimberly and myself.  Ellie is staying home, and Jaired and company didn't want to take such a long haul with a wee one.

This weekend will make the second weekend in a row that I haven't seen Ellie.  It's really weird.  The last time we were apart for this long was last May when she went to Montana, and before that, probably never.  It falls under the category of "strange and unusual". Last weekend it fully sank in how long it would be, and that's when I realized something very important:  Most people my age don't get to see their family, their whole family, every single weekend.  Kimberly and Ellie both have jobs where they live away from home, but they always come back.  We usually have a big family dinner with Jaired, Tracy and family at some point over a weekend as well.  I am extremely blessed.

Anyway, I should have been packing instead of writing this.  Or sleeping.  Or something other than writing this. 


  1. Sleep? Nah, you can do plenty of that on the drive. Our almost weekly family gatherings are really special to us, too.
    Heehee, we'll get Ellie this weekend! But we'll miss you. I feel half sad that we aren't going, but I KNOW it's better this way.

  2. I like this post a lot. So thanks for writing instead of sleeping, or packing. :^) Enjoy the ride, this ride called Life!