Saturday, June 11, 2011

Learning Theories

Our assignment was to tell what learning theory we most closely identify with.  Personally, I do not think that any of the theories are completely exclusive of the others in reality.  So, to say which I identify with the most, I guess I will have to say which ones I would implement the most, which would probably be behaviorist, cognitive, and constructivist... which is three of the five options that were given to us in the assignment.  If I have to pick just one, I would go with the cognitive theory, as I believe it incorporates some ideas from constructivist and behaviorist.


  1. Chava,

    I chose the constructivist theory because it holds that we construct our own meaning through experiences. You make a good point, though, that cognitive takes points from other theories and might be the better choice. Definetly something to think on.

  2. Cognitive learning should never be completely left out of the equation....