Sunday, June 26, 2011

Internet in the classroom

What are the advantages of using the Internet in our classrooms? In what ways might it be used?  Are there any concerns or problems with using the Internet?  How can these problems be overcome? 
The advantages of Internet in the classroom are its uses.  The internet can be used to research a multitude of subjects.  It would be a hard task for a student to come up with a topic of research that some sort of information could not be found online.  Webquests can be used to direct research.  There is also a vast amount of virtual experience to be had online.  There are virtual dissections, virtual maps, virtually anything... at least, for the most part....  The social networking part of the internet can also be utilized, as discussed in my blog-post about blogs.

The concerns on internet use are: safety, and incorrect use.  Safety concerns would connect to the social networks in relation to internet stalkers, and posting person profiles online.  Safety is also an issue in connecting with websites that are not appropriate for students.  Incorrect use also covers these issues, but goes on to include students using the internet for entertainment while they are supposed to be using it for education, for instance, youtube.  A solution for this could be blocks on the the computer that do not allow certain sites to be opened. - this site can help one find and create webquests - this site offers virtual field-trips.

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  1. I love the idea of virtual dissection. This allows classrooms with limited funds to experience the dissection as well!