Monday, August 12, 2013

A Prayer, 7.29.13

What am I supposed to want
How am I to pray
Can I hear your voice, oh Lord
Before I pass away?

Where am I to lay my head
Which way shall I walk
How do I honor you, my God
In all my daily talk?

Questions spin around me
Your answers find I none
But still I'm pushing forward
Until this race is won.


  1. Yes, so often it is hard to hear, hard to obey. The more we do press on ahead, the more we beg for the crumbs, accepting His word, the more we hear.

  2. "Your answers find I none" . . . at first I was going to try to help you find a better way to do that line, but I think it needs to be left the way it is - it draws attention - - - and should. I like this poem. It speaks for me.