Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seek and ye shall find

The funny thing about looking for something is that it is always in the last place you look.  Though it may also sometimes be the first place you look, that does not happen on a regular basis.  Even if you know where something is (say, the ketchup in the refrigerator) it isn't likely that you'll find it immediately.

Point is, you are bound to look in the wrong place, and find the wrong thing, before you look in the right place and find the right thing.  But if you are searching for something in specific, you will keep looking until you find the right thing.

So why are Christians so afraid to be wrong?  I have heard people say (note, this is not a verbatim quote) that they do not want to study the Bible for themselves, for fear that they pick up some theology that is wrong.

In a conversation I had with some Catholic friends of mine, one of them asked me how a home church would work.  How could we be sure that we were right?  Since the head of my family's church (my father) is not "ordained by God, infallible, and always correct" as Catholics beleive their priests to be (sorry if I am incorrectly translating what Catholics believe, this is what I understood from a conversation I had last October) (another note, I do believe that my father is ordained by God to be the leader of our family "church", but not in the same way that Catholics believe in their Popes, Cardinals, and Priests), how do we know what to believe?  What if we translate a verse differently from another family who is doing the same sort of church?  Which of us is right?  How do we know?  What if we are WRONG?

Well, what if we are wrong?  We (or rather, I should say my parents) are constantly spending time in the Word, turning over ideas, revelations, connections, and possibilities.  I think we've discussed many ideas that have been wrong, and I'm sure it will happen again.  But if you keep looking, God has promised that you will find, and presumably He meant you will find the correct answer.

It's okay to be wrong, as long as you keep looking.  Seek and ye shall find.  If you are looking for your shoes, don't stop when you find your gloves.  No one would blame you for finding the gloves.  Just make sure you find the shoes.

Hey, and guess what?  I have a poem that goes along pretty well with this subject. :D

Never forget to

Open your eyes and

Use your mind and

Know what is right and


  1. Wonderful, Chava. Very wonderful, indeed.

  2. Loved this, thanks for sharing!